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    • 15 Sep 2021
    • 5:30 PM
    • 01 Dec 2021
    • 7:30 PM
    • Zoom
    • 99

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    • Greater Richmond
    • South Carolina
    • Southeast Virginia
    • Valleys of Virginia

    Please reach out to your chapter for details.

    For non-affiliated chapter members, a Zoom link will be emailed after registration is complete.

    • 12 Oct 2021
    • 12:00 PM
    • Zoom
    • 84

    Join us as we kick off a new special interest group (SIG) dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion within the talent development space. We have invited four amazing speakers to discuss The Evolution of DEI: Moving from a Fad to A Way of Being.

    Below are some of the questions we’ll be covering with our panelists. Want to leave a question for our panel? Click here to do so. 

    1. How do we make DEI ‘real’ and genuine within our workplaces and community? Are we getting right? Where are we still falling short?

    2. What do you believe is driving the constant ‘redefinition’ of DEI aka (D&I, DEIB, IDB)? What is it that we’re after?

    3. As TD professionals, how do we become more inclusive and advocate more for others in our organization?

    4. How do we engage all groups including the majority?

    5. Our world’s gotten very polarized over the past year, so how do we create environments where we can still effectively communicate with each other? 

    Don’t miss out! Register today!

    • 19 Oct 2021
    • 12:00 PM
    • Zoom
    • 93

    Jenna N. Filipkowski, Ph.D., is a Senior Engagement Strategist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Jenna is one of the founding members of a team of I-O psychologists at the Bank responsible for creating and executing data-driven strategies for the people experience. These strategies include assessments, listening and feedback, organizational design, change management, facilitation, and internal consulting capabilities.

    Previously, in her role as the Senior Vice President of Research and Development at the Human Capital Institute (HCI), Jenna authored over 6original research papers on a variety of topics such as strategic workplace planning, employee experience, coaching, leadership development, talent acquisition, and employee engagement. In that role, she owned thought leadership, brand strategy, and the customer experience. She spent several years as a research scientist designing pre-hire assessments and selection systems and implementing them with her clients. She received her M.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from Wright State University and her B.S. degree from Ursinus College. Jenna completed an International Coach Federation (ICF) Accredited Coach Training Program at the University of Texas, Dallas, and obtained her Associate Certified Coach credential.

    She has presented her work at numerous professional conferences, magazines, and academic publications. Jenna lives in the greater New York City area with her husband, son, and a dog named Lolly.

    Session Description:

    Immense and unplanned change characterized 2020 and 2021. How well did organizations respond? And what is HR's role as organizations emerge from the disruption and plan for the future of work?

    Jenna will share original research on change management and her lessons learned as a practitioner. Her research investigates the change management practices inside organizations and seeks to understand the challenges, teams, and resources available for change management.

    You will learn:

    • The three roles that HR can have in change management 
    • Ways to build change management capabilities at your organization
    • How to best address resistance to change 

    This program aligns with domain three of the ATD Capability Model: impacting organizational capability - change management

    • 21 Oct 2021
    • 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
    • Virtual
    • 97

    Join in the magic as three ATD Chapters Collaborate to bring you this training!

    Greater Richmond   --  Research Triangle --  South Carolina

    Session Description

    There’s a better way to communicate what the audience will learn while motivating them to dive into your eLearning course. In this session:

    • You will see several examples of how learning designers have taken the thrill of eLearning to a new level for their learners. 
    • You will also have the opportunity to learn principles for evaluating the variety of animation tools currently on the market that will help you make better decisions before investing time and money in any of them.

    We hope that you will join us! 

    This program aligns with domain one of the ATD Capability Model: developing personal capability - communication, and domain two of the ATD Capability Model: developing professional capability - instructional design and technology application.

    About the Speaker

    Robb Bingham, (M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction, University of South Florida) holds multiple awards for helping companies get strategic with training – especially in the space where learning intersects with communications and performance improvement. One company estimates a measurable savings over $3M within the first year of implementing one of Robb’s design solutions.

    Robb has served organizations in a number of different roles, from Trainer, Designer, Developer, and Producer, to Team Lead, National Curriculum Manager, and External Consultant and is the creator of the Converging Solutions Problem Solving Model.

    Robb also spent several years (back in the dark ages) performing and directing on the dinner theatre circuit. Now as a training and communication coach, he talks practically about ways to apply communication and theatre arts practices to improve one’s authenticity, credibility, and relevancy when presenting to audiences of 1 to 1000.

    • 16 Nov 2021
    • 12:00 PM
    • Zoom
    • 97

    Session Description

    If you are a leader, you must learn to successfully manage a diverse team. Do you feel supported in your efforts? Do you know how to create an inclusive team environment?

    This interactive session will look at how organizations can further attract, retain, and engage diverse employees. In this workshop, participants will explore:

    • What diversity means and why being inclusive is more effective
    • The benefits of a diverse team
    • Three strategies to build diversity and inclusion bridges before you need them
    • How to spot and avoid common traps when managing diverse teams
    • Best practices that build morale to increase creativity and problem-solving skills in your team

    This program aligns with domain three of the ATD Capability Model: Organizational Development & Culture.

    About the Speaker

    Karen Hinds is founder and CEO of Workplace Success Group, a global training and strategic consulting firm that works with organizations to cultivate and retain their next generation of leaders. For the last twenty years, she has served as a trusted advisor to C-Suite executives committed to building talented leaders and inclusive cultures where every employee can thrive and make an impact.

    She is the author of five books, including Get Along, Get Ahead: 101 Courtesies for the New Workplace; Networking for a Better Position and More Profit; and A Young Adult’s Guide to the Global Workplace. Karen is a prolific contributor to publications including The Hartford Business Journal, The CIM Toronto Manager, The Boston Globe, and Black Enterprise.

    Through her work with the Caribbean Development Bank and Dods Training from the United Kingdom, Karen has facilitated leadership programs with government leaders from nineteen Caribbean and South American nations. Originally from the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Karen left the island at age fifteen with her parents and siblings to pursue educational opportunities in the United States. The transition to a new country, culture and school made it imperative for her to learn how to quickly adapt to change, thrive as an outsider and build strategic relationships. Karen regularly shares her experiences in her keynotes and workshops as she teaches on leadership, diversity and inclusion, and adapting to change.

    A graduate of Bowdoin College with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Spanish, Karen was chosen as one of sixty-five recipients for the national Thomas J. Watson Foundation Fellowship, a grant that enables recipients to pursue a yearlong independent study outside of the United States. The Fellowship was established by the children of Thomas J. Watson, a former Chairman and CEO of IBM.

    For fifteen years, Karen wrote a business column for an international newspaper and hosted a global women and girls leadership conference for a number of years on her island.

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