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Nominee SLATE for the 2021 Greater Richmond ATD Board 

Cast your vote today for the leaders of tomorrow!


Term Length: One Year (01/01 - 12/31)

Roles and Responsibilities: See below for job descriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions: Click here for FAQs or email support@richmondatd.org if you have additional questions.

Past President:
Kevin Clarke

Sandra Smith

President Elect:
Lauren Philip

VP of Governance:
Tom Coltrain


VP of Professional Development:
Kelli Frey



Community of Practice:
Tom Zahler


Virtual Events:
Rodney Steppe


Content Management:
Ashley Whitehead


Charles Zuffuto


External Communications


Member Engagement:
Michael Compton


Internal Communications:


Susan Motley


Live Events
Shanaye La Beaud


Sponsorship and Partnership:
Kimberly Newman


Onboarding and Retention: 
Anitha Pai


Mel Farley


Nominee Information

Current Board Members nominated for new roles:

 Name Current Role Designated Role
 Kevin Clarke President* Past President*
 Sandra Smith President Elect* President*
 Name Current Role 2021 Nomination
 Lauren Philip VP of Membership President Elect*
 Kelli Frey Past President VP of Professional Development
 Tom Coltrain Dir. Technology & Finance   VP of Governance
 Tom Zahler Dir. Event Planning Dir. Community of Practice
 Michael Compton Dir. Social Media Dir. Member Engagement
 Kimberly Newman Dir. Program Execution Dir. Sponsorship and Partnership

*The President Elect role assumes future roles of President then Past President

Incoming Nominees not currently on the board:

Name   Nominated Role Skills and experience of the nominee 
Rodney Steppe  Virtual Events If I were to be selected for either role, the Richmond ATD Board would benefit from an individual with a diverse background including public speaking, Zoom web conferencing, learning and development, project management, live event organizing, technology, onboarding, succession planning, and operations just to name only a few proven skills. Additionally, you would be gaining a colleague who genuinely cares and wants to be a resource for others. I would be happy to provide more examples however these are just a few of the many reasons why I am certain that I would be the absolute best candidate for either role. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Charles Zuffuto  Website I work as an instructional designer / elearning developer focused on asynchronous modules but also producing and leading virtual events. I am also the ESIG coordinator.
 Anitha Pai Onboarding and Retention I'm currently a learning & engagement officer with a local foundation in Richmond. Part of my responsibilities for this position is to support the onboarding of our partners by creating orientations, providing resources, and leading technical assistance for our virtual peer learning space. Also as a new member of the ATD Richmond chapter, I bring an eye for what other new members might be wondering about and looking for when they decide to join the chapter. I think these insights and skills would serve me well in the role. I also bring experience supporting a range of events from national conferences to intimate gatherings and would be able to support our chapter as we offer events in the coming year. Looking forward to offering my support where it can be most helpful!
 Ashley Whitehead Content Management With several years of experience, creating and editing training materials including job aids, procedures and video how-to guides for a large financial institution, I would be a perfect candidate for Director of Content Management. I also am the current process owner for the official communications page for my organization, where I provide pertinent information as well as alerts and breaking news. My strengths include impeccable written communication skills, content management, training and facilitation.
Susan Motley  Technology Deep experience in board governance and strategic planning having led professional associations over the course of my career and facilitated strategic planning sessions for them and many others. I selected two positions that seem to align with my skill set. However, I enjoy all aspects of association leadership and would be happy to serve in any capacity where I can add value - including at the committee level if that is preferable. Here is a link to my LinkedIn profile so you can see my relevant experience: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susanmotley.

I am the LMS specialist at my current position and I am trained in database management, Wild Apricot and other AMS software. I am also interested in SIGs and in particular, a health care SIG. As previously stated, I am interested in serving where I can add value.

 Mel Farley  Finance I have been on multiple volunteer boards and know the importance of keeping the focus of activities on the membership.
Finance Experience: I have owned my own business and know the importance of good finances. I have also been the treasurer of other non-profits and have worked successfully to implement streamlined payment systems and billing as needed.
Shanaye La Beaud  Live Events I am currently participating in MIG as a mentee and it has been extremely valuable to me as a new Learning and Development Manager at my company. While I only have 2 years in the L&D industry, I have 5 years of management experience and have a passion in teaching strong leadership practices and ensuring development for everyone at all levels. Also as someone fairly new to the industry I am eager to connect with others to network, share experiences including tips, tricks, and best practices, which is a huge part of what SIGs are all about. I want to be able to pass on the gift I've received while being a part of Richmond ATD to other new and current members. I'm also a lifelong learner and have recently completed by MBA at VCU (May 2019) and even more recently became a SHRM-CP.

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